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Welcome to Cheatham Ranch, our little slice of heaven.


Long time coming. Sorry for the delay but it has been a very hectic 6 months here. Had a little tornado hit a couple months ago (the silo you see above is no longer there), the girls have been a handful in their own right and multiple little problems (house foundation, upstairs bedroom, grasshopper plagues, etc) have kept me extremely busy.

Dad just got back from Shreveport and we decided to go the local Antique Car Museum down the road. Turns out they are auctioning off all their inventory except the Cadillacs to make room for a Cadillac only showroom. So, Dad, Kathleen and I decided to pay it a visit before they sell off all the beauties. I posted some of the pictures in the photo gallery. Spaz, you'll really appreciate these.

I still need to write-up a new Craig's Points but I haven't been feeling very opinionated lately. Let's hope that changes soon. A Craig without his extreme opinions isn't a Craig you all know and love. I hope.




Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Mom and Dad are in Shreveport with Papa and Aunt Arnis, Linda is working a half day and Brian and Bette are with her folks today. The girls and I are going to have a quiet day. Might do some trim work upstairs before Lindsey gets home. Dad sent me an email last night I just love. In fact, it is about Love. Thought I would post it on Craig's Points for everyone to see and appreciate. Remember, I didn't write this. Also have some pics from Halloween posted. Remember to slow down today and tell those close to you how much they mean to you.




Sorry it took so long for an update. Posted a new 'Point' and will be putting up some more pics this week. Bri & Bette are heading up this weekend. Poor Bri doesn't know what is in store for him. Going to be hanging sheetrock on the ceiling in Dad's new shop. Gonna be sore for a week.




Warren sent over some family photos. For those of you who don't know, Warren is a really good friend of mine from Austin. I posted the pictures on the Photos page.




Working on the family tree page. Everything should work properly but it is very crude at the moment. There are over 4800 people in this tree so instead of entering each one in, I used a program that converts my family tree data to html. The main page lists all of the surnames, so just click a name and you are off.

I rewrote part of Thursday's Craig's Points. It was a little severe. Much tamer now. Kinda.




Brian is heading out tonight. Going to some island near Venezuela to go scuba diving. Going to be gone for a week. Be careful, bro. It is really different around here lately. With Mom, Dad and Linda gone, it's just me and the girls. I walked in on them earlier and they were whispering. I fear they may be plotting against me.

I still haven't gotten the Ribbon Cutting pics up yet. Sorry. Working on it.

I've had several requests to post the "Christmas Video" Linda and I made. I've gotten it down to 500 meg and it is still too big. Once I get it to 100 or under I will post it. Probably as a download and not a streamer. I am going to go ahead and post the pics from the "Together" section. They may not be in the same order, tho.




Well, Mom and Dad are off to Gulf Shores with Jimmy and Donna. Must be nice to just pack up and leave their son struggling, all alone, with two kids driving him crazy. Linda is still in Houston opening the new Katz Express. Be sure and check out some of the pictures from the ribbon cutting. If you find yourself in The Woodlands, please stop in and grab a bite. Food is fantastic.

We finally got some rain this last weekend. Three and a half inches!!! Still not enough though. Only thing greening up is the weeds.




Finally bought the cheathamranch.net domain name. Now I have to do something with it. Things are likely to change as I figure out what works and what doesn't. I'm gonna let Kathleen have her own page once I teach her how to do it. Figured I'd put pictures up, family news and and some of the family tree. If yall have an suggestions, let me know.




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